We offer a large variety of beautiful countertops at a very competitive price.

Kitchen Remodeling at Bradley Interiors


You want your kitchen cabinetry to not only look beautiful, but to last for years to come. We partner with top brands to offer you cabinetry that is made in the United States, and is unrivaled when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. From traditional to modern kitchen cabinets, our cabinetry team is here to help inspire and create your dream kitchen.
Cabinet Manufacturers
Cabinet Manufacturers - Waypoint, Starmark, Plato Woodwork, Countryside


When one thinks of kitchen remodels their thoughts often turn to countertops first. The material, color, and pattern all play a major role in how a kitchen remodel will turn out. Bradley Interiors offers a large selection of quartz, granite, and marble countertops for your next kitchen remodel. Our experienced professionals can help you pick a countertop that fits with your lifestyle and design.
Countertop Manufacturers


Kitchen faucets aren't just for function; they play an important role in your kitchen remodel. When looking to remodel your kitchen it is important that the faucet and sink match and that they add to the overall design language. Here at Bradley Interiors we offer a huge array of faucet designs to match your design goals.
Faucet Manufacturers
Faucet Manufacturers - Hansgrohe, Blanco, Lenova, Watermark, Newport Brass, Rohl, Phylrich, Kingston Brass

Cabinet Hardware

Matching kitchen hardware like handles and knobs to your cabinets is an important task for any kitchen remodel. Most kitchen hardware comes in different sizes. You will want to match the size of the kitchen hardware to the size of the cabinets. And, while it may not seem like it, the cabinet hardware plays a massive role in the overall design of the kitchen.
Cabinet Manufacturers
Cabinet Hardware Manufacturers - Top Knobs, Atlas Homewares, Hardware Resources


The design possibilities are limitless when it comes to sinks. Choose from beautiful metals like stainless steel or bronze, or something more natural like clay, stone, or bamboo. Our team of experts can help pick out the best sink for your kitchen remodel.
Sink Manufacturers
Sink Manufacturers - Lenova, Nantucket Sinks, Blanco, Hamat USA, Barclay


Lighting plays an important role in your kitchen remodel. Not only does the style of lighting become a part of the larger kitchen design, but the brightness and hue that you choose can drastically change the look and feel of your kitchen.
Lighting Manufacturers
Lighting Manufacturers - Elk Lighting, Vaxcel, Trans Globe Lighting

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